PCQI Training

Food Plus Technology offers PCQI Training that integrates PCQIplus to illustrate how to write a food safety plan. PCQI Training uses the standardized curriculum developed by the Food Safety Preventive Control Alliance (FSPCA). The curriculum is recognized by FDA as one of the ways to meet the requirements for a PCQI.

PCQI Training includes:

  • Instructor-led, online-supported trainings in the standardized curriculum recognized by FDA
  • Question-and-answer discussion of the FSMA-Preventive Control for Human Food Rule
  • Hazard analysis methodology incorporating the latest FDA Guidance for Industry
  • Certificate of Training indicating completion of a standardized curriculum recognized by FDA
  • 6-month use of PCQIplus to write a food safety plan
  • One-on-one technical advising by food safety professionals

PCQI Training participants will receive online access to the FSPCA training manual with 16 chapters and 6 Appendices (350+ pages), an introduction to resources to help evaluate the likelihood and severity of potential hazards to determine those requiring preventive control, as well as other valuable resource information to help prepare a Food Safety Plain. 

PCQI Training is offered as a blended curriculum combining online video instruction during 7-weeks, followed by a 1-day instructor-led practicum. Weekly video-conference presentations offered live by the instructors further support the PCQI Training offering a week-by-week summary of the curriculum. The PCQI Training is further organized to give participants a chance to engage one-on-one with PCQI Training instructors.

The 1-day instructor-led practicum is offered in-person in either Portland, OR, or the San Francisco (Bay Area), CA. The practicum will conclude PCQI Training with participants access and interacting with PCQIplus to specify a product and a process narrative, complete a hazard analysis, and assign preventive controls for hazards requiring control. An important feature of PCQIplus introduced during the practicum is an intentional examination writing a Recall Plan.

At the conclusion of the PCQI Training (including both video instruction and in-person practicum) a Certificate of Training will be issued acknowledging completion of the standardized curriculum recognized by FDA the requirements to be designated as a PCQI.

PCQI Training enrollment begins in September for November practicum (Portland, OR). Please Contact Us for enrollment information.

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