PCQIplus is the premier Food Safety Plan authoring tool, integrating FDA Hazard Guidance and other reference materials within the application.

PCQIplus help a PCQI work step-by-step through a guided process of entering responses and developing written narrative that is complied into the required elements of a Food Safety Plan. The result of the PCQIplus intake process is a hazard analysis, a determination of potential hazards that require preventive control, preventive control procedures and an recall call plan without the hassle of unnerving blank forms. 

Food Plus Technology offers account access to PCQIplus as a recurring monthly subscription. Account access to PCQIplus includes:

  • Guided intake process to complete a comprehensive hazard analysis
  • Risk-based analytics to determine if potential hazards require preventive control
  • Assigned question and answer templates for preventive controls, environmental exposure and allergen cross-contact
  • Print preparation of downloadable (and editable) document on a local computer

PCQIplus is a clouds-based document authoring and print preparation application to write regulatory compliant food safety plans. PCQIplus uses password protected user accounts, secure and redundant database information storage, and extensible formatting features to prepare a printed Food Safety Plan.

If you would like to be an early adopter of the ground-breaking approach to writing Food Safety Plans as a PCQI please send us an email.