About Us

Food Plus Technology was established in 2017 as a team collaboration spearheaded by John Wells (FoodBizStartup.net) and David Hill (FoodMethods.com). Our aim is to offer services to food enterprises to address compliance requirements established as a result of the Food Safety Modernization Action (FSMA).

Food Plus Technology is uniquely qualified to provide business process and compliance services to a food business of any size. The Food Plus Technology team has worked together for nearly a decade in Portland, Oregon, to support technical advising for small food business startups. Individually, the Food Plus Technology team has contributed to the food industry with assignments spanning research, manufacturing, management, and retail operations, both in industry and academia.  

Both John Wells and David Hill have completed advanced degree training in Food Science, Technology and Engineering and have completed a Certificate of Training in the standardized curriculum recognized by FDA that addresses the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule. Dr. John Wells is a lead instructor for the PCQI Training, and David Hill is a recognized PCQI practitioner.